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Winter warmer recipes featuring Aquna Murray Cod

It’s winter here in Australia, and the weather has been mind-blowingly cold. You’re not imagining the crisp conditions. It’s been an unusually chilly start to the season, particularly for the south-east. So, what can we do when the temperature drops, and the days become shorter and darker? Keep cosy and enjoy wonderful winter warmer recipes featuring Aquna.

In this article, you’ll find five comfort recipes featuring Aquna that’ll lift your mood and motivation during the cooler winter months. Get started with a new recipe, packed with flavour and all the goodness of Aquna Murray Cod.

1. New Aquna recipe

Recipe: Crispy-skin Aquna with celery, pine nut and olive salsa

With a delicious combination of flavours, this new Aquna recipe is easy to cook for a healthy midweek meal. The sweet and savoury of cranberries and olives, together with the crunch of pine nuts, will give you something to look forward to after being rugged up in your winter woolies all day.


2. Aquna fish pie with beer-battered chips

Recipe: Aquna fish pie with beer-battered chips

Who doesn’t love a piping hot pie in winter? The humble meat pie has long been a tradition at winter sporting events, this upmarket version will warm you up on the inside and could turn out to be your go-to comfort food. For a homemade fish pie the family will devour, give this one a try.

3. Aquna Murray Cod doughnuts

Recipe: Aquna Murray Cod doughnuts

Whoa, these beauties are exactly what you need on a rainy winter’s day. Bite-size and crispy on the outside, Aquna Murray Cod doughnuts are the ultimate winter warmer for a snack, entree, or just because you want to eat something truly comforting and crunchy any time of day.

4. Pan-fried Aquna in rice flour

Recipe: Pan-fried Aquna in rice flour

Sometimes, you just want to enjoy the simple things in life. This recipe is all about Aquna. With just a dusting of rice flour, you’ll love the clean flavour of the fish and almost zero preparation time, for night’s when you want to head straight for your favuorite spot in front of the fireplace.

5. Whole-baked Aquna with butter sauce

Recipe: Whole-baked Aquna with butter sauce

Butter is pure comfort food, don’t you think? This recipe is the perfect winter entertainer. Your family and friends will love, love, love the texture, taste of the whole-fish experience. Plus, you’ll find it surprisingly easy to pull together for your next get-together during winter.

Want to cook Aquna Murray Cod at home?

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