> Add a taste of Peru to your summer home cooking, with Heston’s Aquna ceviche

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Add a taste of Peru to your summer home cooking, with Heston’s Aquna ceviche

A hugely popular South American dish, ceviche (pronounced she-vee-cheh) is bursting with flavour.

Ceviche is a fresh fish dish where diced cubes of raw fish marinate in citrus juices. The reaction of the juices cures the fish protein and causes it to become opaque and firm, while absorbing flavour. This process is called denaturing, where the acid in the citrus denatures the protein in the fish, much the same way as cooking would.

Heston Blumenthal has created a simple Aquna Murray Cod ceviche recipe that transforms the centuries old Peruvian staple into a modern, fresh, balanced and delicious dish, where both the Murray cod and fresh flavours are boldly out on display.

In commenting on his Murray cod ceviche recipe, Mr Blumenthal said that a great piece of fish doesn’t need much to make it sing.

“Try simply marinating cubes of Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod in citrus juices then mixing them with a sharp, zingy salsa mix for a dish that pops with freshness.”

Although ceviche’s exact origin is somewhat murky, one fascinating theory suggests that the delicious delicacy originated among the coastal Moche civilisation of Peru around 2,000 years ago.

While the source of this culinary delight is disputed, ceviche has its own National Day in Peru – confirmation that this colourful little summertime appetiser certainly needs to be on your must-try list.

Download the full recipe card.