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Farmed Murray cod given the green tick

Farmed Murray cod has been listed as a ‘better choice’ in the updated Sustainable Seafood Guide – marking a significant win for Aqua Sustainable Murray Cod.

Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide (SSG) is an independent tool for choosing seafood wisely. The latest guide, which was released last week, is Australia’s resource for consumers seeking to make responsible seafood choices. The guide was developed in response to growing public concern about overfishing, farming practices and their impact on our oceans and wildlife.

Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod’s (Aquna) Managing Director, Mathew Ryan was delighted to receive the news.

“As Australia’s largest Murray cod producer, we’re delighted to see the species marked as a ‘better choice’ for consumers. We’ve been working hard with publishers Australian Marine Conservation Society over the last six months to ensure this important change was made to the guide.”

Assessments are conducted on the major species of seafood caught and farmed in Australia, which results in an overall ranking of either: Green ‘better choice’, Amber ‘eat less’, or Red ‘say no’.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Aquna, so having the Green ‘better choice’ endorsement is a natural progression, Mathew added.”

“We produce the highest quality Murray cod, using industry-leading sustainable practices. Our land-based production model uses the same irrigation water twice – once through our fish ponds, then for crop irrigation or pastures on farms.”

We have a low eco-footprint as we’re effectively ‘borrowing’ water, which is ultimately used for irrigation. As far as we’re aware, Aquna is the only pond-based aquaculture business in the world using a 100 per cent recycling system, he concluded.”

Further information on the SSC is available at here.