> Spice up your life: Season your Aquna for powerful health benefits

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Spice up your life: Season your Aquna for powerful health benefits

With winter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to spice up your life. Who wouldn’t love a little pick-me-up? Using spices in your cooking is a great way to add a taste-hit to your food while giving you a health boost.

There’s lots to love about Aquna Murray Cod’s clean, natural flavour. Still, why not get adventurous and season your fish for something different?

For centuries, spices have been used for both culinary and medicinal purposes. From anti-inflammatory properties to cognitive and mood boosters, spices are packed full of vitamins and minerals. The good news is, some of the best spices can be found at your local supermarket fresh or dried ready to make your Aquna meal even more memorable.

With around 40 spices (and herbs) available, we’ve narrowed down the list to four spices that we believe complement Aquna’s flavour and texture. We’ve Aquna recipes to spices in this article, along with two NEW ones to try!

1. Ginger: the zingy spice

Powerful health benefits: Ginger helps with an upset stomach. Studies have shown ginger is useful in treating nausea, including motion sickness and morning sickness. It has anti-inflammatory properties and high levels of antioxidants. Some research indicates it may have anticancer effects. 

Flavour: Ginger walks a fine line between savoury and sweet and is traditionally used in Asian recipes like noodle bowls or stir-fry. Keen to give it a go? Try this recipe: Baked Aquna parcels with ginger and soy sauce

2. Turmeric, the golden spice

Powerful health benefits: Turmeric has a growing reputation as a superfood. This golden spice gets lots of hype, for good reason.  It’s bursting with antioxidants, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. Research suggests turmeric may help prevent or slow down Alzheimer’s disease.

Flavour: Turmeric has a warm, earthy flavour (with a slightly bitter aftertaste) and has been used throughout history in Indian cooking. Keen to give it a go? Try this recipe: Curried Aquna with cauliflower

3. Garlic, the spicy spice

Powerful health benefits: Garlic is highly nutritious and is used to reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering levels of blood fats and cholesterol. Garlic is also used to fight colds, sinusitis and flu with its antibiotic and antiviral properties. You have to chop or crush the clove to get the benefits.

Flavour: Garlic is synonymous with cooking. You’ll be familiar with the strong-smelling bulb and a key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. Keen to give it a go? Try this recipe: Stir-fried rapini with Aquna and sesame

4. Chilli, the kicker spice

Powerful health benefits: Chillies are an excellent source of immune-boosting vitamin C. They’re also known for having metabolism-boosting qualities, helping to keep blood vessels healthy, and are high in fibre and minerals like potassium.

Flavour: There are more than 200 varieties, ranging in flavour from sweet to smokey. Chillies are notably used in Mexican, Indian and Thai cooking. Keen to give it a go? Try this recipe: Thai red Aquna curry

NEW Aqua recipes with spice!

RECIPE: Pan-fried Aquna with harissa, currants and honey


RECIPE: Spicy Aquna red curry


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