Murray Cod Australia Limited (MCA) is the company that owns Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod. MCA is a vertically-integrated producer of premium, pond-grown Murray cod. Based in southern New South Wales, Australia our sustainable Murray cod is highly sought-after in domestic and global markets.

After identifying the demand for premium-quality, white-fleshed fish, the directors of MCA integrated three established aquaculture businesses in 2016 – Riverina Aquaculture, Bidgee Fresh, and Silverwater Native Fish – to create an industry first in the region.

Murray Cod Australia Limited was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on 31 January 2017. MCA has 800 registered shareholders, as of April 2018.

Our land-based aquaculture production system gives us complete control over quality, from pond to plate. It also provides a low eco-footprint because the same irrigation water can be used twice – once through the fish ponds, then for crop irrigation or pastures on farms.