> Buzz of being back at the Good Food & Wine Show

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Buzz of being back at the Good Food & Wine Show

Oh in-person events, we’ve missed you! After a two-year hiatus, the team at Aquna loved the buzz of being back at the Good Food & Wine Show in Sydney and Melbourne, where we got to share the Aquna story and hear important and direct feedback from consumers about our fish.

This is how we learn — and improve. 

For many consumers, it was the first time they’d tried Aquna Murray Cod, tossed in rice flour and deep fried (with sea salt and a squeeze of lemon), for the full-flavour experience. You can re-create a similar recipe at home. The messages we took away from the event were consistent. There’s strong interest in the provenance of Aquna and our commitment to sustainable farming

Plus, the taste of Aquna. Here’s how it’s described: 

  • “Light, fresh really nice.”
  • “Clean, succulent very nice.”
  • “It’s far superior to any other fish.”
  • “The texture of the fish is amazing.”

WATCH the short video to see what others have to say, including the non-fish eaters, who have some surprising and wonderful feedback.

Want to cook Aquna Murray Cod at home?

In big news, Aquna is now available in select Coles stores. Aquna is also in 150 Woolworths stores throughout NSW and Victoria. 

You’ll find it in the take-home seafood section.

Want to sample Aquna Murray Cod at your restaurant?

Keen to know more about Aquna Murray Cod? Have a conversation with us about your wholesale supply.