> Heston Blumenthal creates a Murray cod omelette with a smoky twist

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Heston Blumenthal creates a Murray cod omelette with a smoky twist

Where there’s smoke there’s flavour. If you are looking for a knock-your-socks-off Sunday brunch recipe – we have you covered!

Recently, we let Heston Blumenthal loose with some Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod and he turned our iconic native fish into a delicious smoked Murray cod omelette that shows the diversity of Australia’s greatest eating fish.

“Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod stands up very well to smoking, which gives the fish a whole new flavour dimension, Mr Blumenthal said.”

“This fish has great levels of gelatin and good fat integration into the flesh. Fat holds flavour, and the flavour of the smoke comes through beautifully.”

“And it’s very easy to do. You simply put an Aquna fillet in a tin with a few wood chips and in five minutes it’s done. You can then use Murray cod as a filling for an omelette that’s totally smoking, he said.”

Aquna’s Corporate Affairs Manager, Lynsey Reilly is thrilled to see a smoked omelette recipe in the 10-part Heston Blumenthal series.

“Last year when Heston visited our farms in Griffith, he took the time to smoke one of our fillets. It was particularly interesting to hear his take on why Aquna Murray Cod is the ideal fish for smoking and to see how easy it is to do.”

“Smoking Murray cod at home may sound intimidating, but it’s really no more difficult than grilling and to have Heston create a breakfast/brunch recipe, really demonstrates that Murray cod is a fish that can be eaten at any time of the day, she concluded.”

Watch Heston smoke an Aquna Murray Cod fillet here.