> What does Aquna Murray Cod actually taste like?

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What does Aquna Murray Cod actually taste like?

What does Aquna Murray Cod actually taste like? 

It’s a question the Aquna team gets asked by chefs and grocery consumers, who are keen to learn more about our product’s flavour profile, when compared with other white-fleshed fish on the market. 

If a flavor profile is the combination of flavours experienced when a food item is tasted, how would Aquna be best described? That’s what we’re going to unpack for you in this month’s article.

Nope, there’s no muddy flavour

There are still some people who associate Murray cod with a muddy flavour. In fact, it’s usually the one thing wild-caught Murray cod, and other freshwater fish, have been criticised for historically. 

In a previous article, The Remaking of Australia’s Most Iconic Freshwater Fish, we explained how our farmed-produced Aquna has been created without the muddy flavour — and the stigma is subsiding.

What chefs are saying about Aquna’s flavour

As more chefs learn about the flavour profile of Aquna Murray Cod and choose to use our premium fish on their menus in restaurants in Australia and the USA, what is it about the taste of our product that they love?

Here’s how four well-known chefs sum up how Aquna tastes:

  • Christian Abbott from the Australian Venue Co. (Melbourne branch) describes Aquna as: “Buttery, velvety, clean, with a meaty texture.” According to Christian, Aquna Murray Cod delivers versatility, consistency, and sustainability like no other native fish. 
  • Brendan Katitch from NOMAD in Flinders Lane says: “The magic of Aquna Murray Cod lies in the contrast of flavours and textures, the sweet, delicate, earthiness of the flaky flesh against the crispy fattiness of the (flame licked) skin.”
  • Jason Staudt (pictured) from Stokehouse in St Kilda told us in a recent Q&A that Aquna’s “clean flavour and firm flesh” appeal to him. Together with the product’s great versatility – from cooking over wood, to poaching, to steaming – which bring out different, natural flavours. 
  • Jeremy Arrascaeta from Angler at Stirling in South Australia describes Aquna succinctly: “Sweet, delicate, firm, versatile, easy to cook and approachable.”

Have you tried Aquna Murray Cod? How would you describe its flavour?

Want to learn to cook with Aquna Murray Cod?

If you’re new to Aquna Murray Cod and would like to know how to cook it, there’s a comprehensive guide on our website, which includes interactive cuts chart and cooking technique instructions

Excitingly, you can learn how to cook with Aquna Murray Cod from chef and restaurateur, Alessandro Pavoni, at an in-person masterclass at the Sydney Seafood School on Saturday, 26 February 2022. BOOK NOW.