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Aquna working to save further fish kills

With reports of more than a million fish dying along a 40-kilometre stretch of the Darling River in far north west New South Wales, Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod (Aquna) has joined forces with the community to try and prevent further deaths.


Lack of oxygen, for various reasons including severely low water flow, algal blooms and sudden drops in temperature, have all contributed to the shocking fish kill events seen in northern New South Wales in recent weeks.

It is reported that native species including bony bream, Murray cod and perch are among those worst affected.

Aquna has donated two aerators to try and limit the damage and help keep remaining fish alive. The aerators have been installed on separate properties near the town of Menindee to force oxygen into the sick river and assist with preventing further fish deaths.


Aquna has joined forces with OzFish and the local community on the aerator project.

Once delivered to the riverbank, it was all hands and cranes on deck to install the aerators. A tricky process involving everything from wiring and plumbing, to rigging and securing the units into the river – were all overcome in a matter of hours and much needed oxygen is now pumping into the water at both locations.

OzFish Founder and CEO, Craig Copeland said, it’s a great feeling when passionate locals see a problem in their community, rally together and take positive action. Everyone should be very proud of their efforts.


At Aquna, we are devastated by the recent fish kill events and we are keen to do everything we can to assist.

According to Managing Director, Mat Ryan, in addition to the 210,000 Murray cod fingerlings that we released into the Murray-Darling Basin in January, we felt that donating the aerators was another way we could help.

“This week, I’m traveling to Menindee with fellow director Roger Commins to see the aerators in action, and if there is any way that Aquna can assist further.

If the community would like to assist with the project they can do so by donating here.