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New Charcoal Fish hooked on Aquna Murray Cod

Aquna Murray Cod is known and loved for the way it tastes. That’s one of the reasons Australian chef and restaurateur, Josh Niland and his business partner and wife, Julie, have chosen to feature Aquna on the menu of their newest eatery, Charcoal Fish, which opened in Sydney this week.

With Josh credited for rewriting the rulebook on fish cookery, it’s not surprising the launch of Charcoal Fish — described as the charcoal-seafood equivalent of the suburban cooked-chook shop — attracted a huge response from the Niland faithful, who love his food and philosophy.

This begs the question: why did Josh choose Aquna Murray Cod?

“Beautiful clean, sweet flavour”

Describing Aquna Murray Cod as having a “beautiful clean, sweet flavour”, Josh noted in a recent delicious. article that it doesn’t have the muddy flavour some people associate with the species of the past. Instead, the clean-tasting flavour is exactly what Josh was looking for in his hero fish product.

Best of all, it remains both juicy in the flesh and crisp on the skin — and will stay that way during the journey from the shop to a customer’s home. In reading through many of the comments on Charcoal Fish’s growing Instagram, has already hooked the early adopters of the venue.

In line with strong sustainability focus

Known for pushing the fin-to-scale movement globally, Aquna Murray Cod stacks up from a sustainability point of view. While around eight per cent of the fish is gill and gall bladder — and not suited for eating — every other part of the fish will be used. That’s an incredible 92 percent!

The author of the Whole Fish Cookbook is impressed by the way our fish is reared and the low amounts of feed required. Our sustainably ethos is something we take seriously at Aquna, and we’re pleased Josh and his team can further shine the light on the brand’s environmental credentials.

Want to cook Aquna Murray Cod at home?

This month, Aquna Murray Cod launched into 150 Woolworths stores in Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas, and in regional New South Wales. You’ll find it in the take-home seafood section. If you haven’t cooked Aquna Murray Cod before, check out these delicious recipes!