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The raw story

For award-winning chef, Luke Piccolo, consistency and quality will make or break his decision to include a product on the menu at Limone Dining. Knowing he can reliably source premium Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod, week in week out, is a big deal for him.

This is one of the many reasons farmed Murray cod is a staple at his popular Griffith-based restaurant. But it is only part of the story.

Like most chefs and home cooking enthusiasts, Luke consciously chooses ingredients based on a range of factors. Describing the white-fleshed fish as “brilliant”, Murray cod is a highlight for him because it features a rare combination of attributes.

“Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod is interesting to me because it has a cool balance between being nice and fleshy, and delicate and moist,” he says.

Importantly, Murray cod will retain its firm texture, no matter how it’s cooked – pan-seared, baked, battered, steamed, grilled. While the product’s versatility is a major drawcard, Luke believes the fish’s flavour makes it irresistible to chefs and home cooks around the world.

“Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod has a lot of flavour, without a muddy taste or being over fishy – it’s a beautiful freshwater fish, there is an elegance to it,” he says.

The benefits of cooking with cod are showcased in Luke’s Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod recipe collection, which includes a diverse selection of globally-influenced and interesting dishes. The fish’s sustainable credentials make Murray cod the ultimate catch.

“We are fortunate at Limone Dining in that we have the time to explain our menu to our customers,” says Luke. “When they ask us about Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod, we find they are impressed that the fish are produced in an environmentally-friendly way.”

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