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New brand angle for Murray cod

More than 550 kilometres from the nearest ocean, pioneering producers in Australia’s Riverina region established an aquaculture industry, from scratch.

This is Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod.

Launched in July 2018, Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod is the new brand identity for Murray Cod Australia (MCA). It is an exciting evolution that better positions the thriving aquaculture business as the producer of premium Murray cod, in local and global markets.

“Our new name, colour palette and logo combine to tell our story in a way that communicates our connection and respect of the land and represents our innovative approach to producing a sustainable fish product,” says Ross Anderson, executive chairman.

Our name, is derived from the word “Akuna” – an Australian aboriginal word meaning “the way forward” and “flowing water”. We have used the letter ‘q’, as it provides synergy with Aquaculture and represents our dedication to innovation.

Central to the branding is Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod’s ‘system’, as reflected in the logo. Our team has created a better fish with an Australian-made system, custom-designed to mimic cod’s natural environment, and provide the fish with excellent growing conditions.

“Our Murray cod is grown in open ponds, in their native water, using industry-leading, sustainable practices,” says Mat Ryan, managing director. “Our purpose-built systems allow us to grow tastier fish, without the earthy taste associated with wild freshwater fish.”

With no wild catch of Murray cod for commercial sale, Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod has reinvigorated Australia’s iconic fish as a luxurious ingredient for discerning chefs – the mild flavour and firm texture is perfect in both Western and Asian-style recipes.

For award-winning chef and restaurant owner, Luke Piccolo, putting Aquna Sustainable Murry Cod on the menu, has sparked positive conversations with customers about the great-tasting fish, its history, and the importance of choosing eco-friendly produce.

“Our customers love seeing Murray cod on the menu. They are interested in knowing more about the producers’ story – it really adds to the dining experience for them,” he says.

The new chapter for Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod is about articulating just that: integrity – through all stages of production to plate. Life tastes better with our Murray cod.