> Aquna debuts in the US

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Aquna debuts in the US

A beloved native fish with a fine dining following in Australia and Asia, Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod is now available in the US exclusively through San Francisco-based sustainable seafood company CleanFish. Enthusiastic first adopters of the fish include Chef Cedric Vongerichten at his Indonesian inspired restaurant Wayan in New York City.

“We’re delighted to bring this one-of-a-kind fish to North America,” said Mike Moniz, CleanFish Managing Director. “Aquna Murray Cod is a notable addition to CleanFish’s portfolio of the best of sustainable aquaculture, and the involvement of Heston Blumenthal makes this a must-try product for chefs in search of what’s next.”

“In a food scene as big and as diverse as what the US offers, there’s always room for a product that’s truly exceptional. Our lack of a single guiding food tradition means that we’re open to unique flavors from around the world. American chefs and consumers are continuously on the look-out for what’s new, and Aquna Murray Cod brings a fresh new experience to seafood. We anticipate the fish finding a home on menus in top metropolitan areas from fine dining to sushi, Mike said.”

Founded in 2004, with offices in San Francisco and Boston, CleanFish exists to connect the best seafood producers with chefs, diners and home cooks. CleanFish, are committed to aquaculture as an essential part of a sustainable future, and they advocate for the best, most innovative practices.

On the move into the US, Aquna Managing Director, Mat Ryan, said he is delighted to see Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod entering into the US through a partnership with CleanFish, who share our sustainable and responsible farming philosophy.

“Aquna currently exports to Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau, and I see the US as a natural next step for Aquna Murray Cod, Mat concluded.

For more information about stocking Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod in the US contact CleanFish.