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The wait is over

Just dropped –  Aquna Hot Smoked Murray Cod is now available!

Just in time for Christmas, Aquna Hot Smoked Murray Cod has officially hit the market. Our award-winning smoked Murray cod has a balanced light flavour, firm texture and a delicious aftertaste that lingers and makes you want to go back for more.

The perfect addition to your festive menu, Aquna Hot Smoked Murray Cod has a creamy white flesh and pairs perfectly with a wide variety of dishes.

According to Heston Blumenthal, Aquna Murray Cod takes to smoking fantastically well, because of the levels of gelatin and good fat integration into the flesh. Fat holds flavour, and the flavour of the smoke comes through beautifully.

We’ve been told that it’s the best tasting smoked fish in the world – now you can judge for yourself!

First off, Sydney-siders can get their hands on some smoked Murray cod at:

Bondi Fruitologist

Cons Deli

Fresh Farm Foods

Forestway Fresh

Harbord Growers Market

Maloneys Grocer

Panettas Mercato

Parisis Food Hall

Melburnians can head to:


Feast Deli, Café & Wine Bar

Plus, if you’re in Canberra you can find it at Deli Planet Fyshwick Markets.

Finally, if you’re in the Riverina, don’t forget our retail store at 15A Lenehan Road, Griffith.

For everyone else, we are working like crazy behind the scenes to get our delicious Aquna Hot Smoked Murray Cod to your plate ASAP!