> Sustainable fish: here’s what Aquna’s working on in 2022

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Sustainable fish: here’s what Aquna’s working on in 2022

Producing a sustainable fish product is not a set-and-forget situation. From the beginning, we’ve been working within our own business and throughout our supply chain to reduce our environmental impact. Each year, we raise the bar higher. We ask ourselves: “Where can we improve?” 

Sustainability has a number of different elements, of course. In this article, we’d love to share with you what we’ve been working on as we continue to up the ante in 2022, staying laser-focused on our vision to set the sustainability benchmark globally for the aquaculture industry.

Here are four new initiatives:

1. Feed production

According to Mat Ryan, managing director, Aquna, the team has been working on different diets that use vegetable proteins to completely substitute fishmeal to feed Aquna Murray Cod. 

In addition to this initiative, Mat says the team is also looking at using waste from other aquaculture businesses and land-based animal protein sources to find the most sustainable feed for our fish.

2. Energy reduction

True to one of our core values, Innovation, Mat says the team is in the process of finding a better way to aerate the ponds. Aeration of our water is our biggest power use. In a new trial, which is about to get started, the team is looking at reducing the amount of energy required to perform aeration while maintaining a happy and healthy environment for our fish.

3. Plastic waste recycling

Aquna has recently welcomed a new plastic crushing press on-site in Griffith. Installation of the plastic crushing press means all of our plastic waste can be compressed and sent on to recyclers for reuse. Compacting the waste also cuts down on transport required to action this.

4. Recyclable boxes

In another new trial, we’re testing recyclable boxes to transport our fish from farm to market. When we reach a conclusion on which recyclable box works best for us, we’ll communicate in more detail with you.

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