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Aquna catching on in the US market

Americans have always been a little intrigued by Australians — our rugged landscape, our snakes, our crocodiles, and our kangaroos. While they’re still coming to grips with the taste of our beloved Vegemite, we’re pleased to say the US market is embracing the flavour of our Aquna Murray Cod.

In this article, you’ll hear from LA-based Brock Miller (pictured), our head of development in North America and former chef, about cracking the US market in 2018 with an iconic Australian freshwater fish completely unknown to American chefs and consumers.

Now, Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod is catching on.

Q. When did Aquna launch into the US market?

A. Aquna has been available off and on in the US since 2018 but we’ve been officially available since 2020.

Q. What do chefs and consumers love about Aquna?

A. Chefs and consumers love the rich, buttery flavour of Aquna. Plus, they appreciate the many different ways Aquna can be cooked. They’re also blown away by the consistency of our fish.

Q. What are they most interested in about our fish?

A. They’re most interested in our sustainable farming practices, the wonderful flavour profile of the fish, and its amazing fat content.

Q. What questions do you get asked most about Aquna?

A. The questions I get asked the most about our fish from chefs is the consistency in sizing and availability.

Q. How do you describe Aquna to customers and wholesalers?

A. The way I describe the flavor of the Aquna is a cross between halibut, Chilean sea bass, and black cod.

Q. Where does Aquna currently feature on the menu in the US?

A. We’re currently featured in many Michelin-star rated restaurants in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, as well as other fine-dining restaurants in Houston, Dallas and in Austin, Texas.

Q. What’s the plan for Aquna in the US moving forward?

A. Going forward, we plan to continue the education process in our current markets, as well as expanding our reach to other markets in the US. We have a food show lined up in September to showcase our product.

Got any questions? Say g’day to Brock

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