> MasterChef’s Steph de Sousa talks all things Aquna

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MasterChef’s Steph de Sousa talks all things Aquna

MasterChef’s Steph de Sousa takes a deep dive into Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod

Steph de Sousa graced our screens on MasterChef series 11 in 2019. The world fell in love with her warm, affectionate personality and funky glasses.

Here at Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod (Aquna), we were lucky enough to meet and spend time with Steph at last year’s Melbourne and Sydney Good Food and Wine Shows where we introduced Steph to all things Aquna and fell in love with her too!

Steph has become a fan of our delicious fresh and Hot Smoked Aquna Murray Cod and recently sat down with our Business Development Executive, Ian Charles for a chat to find out why life tastes better with Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod. There chat is currently featured on her podcast The Last Supper.

Join them as they take a deep dive into all things Aquna. From our name, history and taste right through to cooking, versatility and future plans. The Last Supper podcast is available here.

Take a wild guess as to what Ian’s dream last supper would be…