When a recipe calls for a versatile white fish – choose Aquna Murray cod.

With a firm texture and delicious taste, Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod’s sustainably-produced Murray cod can be cooked in lots of different ways. It can be pan-seared, baked, battered, steamed, grilled – and most importantly, will retain its firm texture, no matter how it’s cooked.

Here’s why chefs love cooking with Murray cod:

It is perfect in both Western and Asian-style recipes. Murray cod holds together well when steamed – it’s texture is not compromised under harsh cooking conditions.

With a naturally oily texture, Murray cod keeps its moisture when cooked. This means Murray cod tastes great, even if it’s been overcooked.

Aquna produces fish with a beautiful flavour because of the way they’re farmed in open ponds. The fish have a clean flavour, which is not earthy like wild cod.

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