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Hello, Heston

The appointment of worlding-leading chef, Heston Blumenthal, as a shareholder and key advocate at Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod created quite a stir last week. The story, which made international headlines, has sparked a surge of new interest in our luxury product.

“Since the announcement, we’ve been getting enquiries from chefs who have read about the new partnership with Heston in the news, and value his endorsement of our product. It is an exciting time for the business,” said Mat Ryan, managing director, Aquna.

Heston, and his team of world-class chefs, will collaborate with Aquna on menu and product development to extend the food brand’s reach in local and global markets. If life tasted better our way previously, the bar has been lifted even higher with Heston on board.

“Heston’s a pioneer in the global food industry. His imaginative and inventive ideas align perfectly with the innovative ethos that underpins our quality product. He will play a key part in the future growth of our business,” said Ross Anderson, chairman, Aquna.

Heston, OBE, together with his team in the UK and Australia, will showcase Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod through the group’s social media networks, and where appropriate, at events and in their restaurants. It is a great fit for the three-starred Michelin chef.

“The innovative way Aquna has created a luxury fish product by combining natural processes, evolved over millions of years, with cutting-edge technology connects with the way I approach food and cooking, resulting in fantastic quality,” he said.

Aquna’s Heston connection will be unveiled for the first time at The Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show from Friday 31 May – Sunday 2 June, with the brand’s new-look exhibition space incorporating this instantly recognisable image (hero image) of the high-profile chef.