> Josh Niland’s tips for barbecuing Aquna this holiday season

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Josh Niland’s tips for barbecuing Aquna this holiday season

The tree is up, the decorations are out — Christmas is just around the corner. What’s on your menu this holiday season? Gone are the days of spending long hours in the kitchen preparing a feast for family and friends.

In 2022, wouldn’t you prefer an easier, healthier, and more sustainable tradition?

Keeping it simple is the in-thing. That’s why iconic Australian Aquna Murray Cod is a great go-to wherever you’re entertaining. In our summer climate, nothing beats the natural, clean flavour of this piece of luxury. Plus, you can’t go wrong cooking with Aquna. Its texture will hold up, in every cooking situation you’ll be in over the holidays.

From cooking at home on Christmas Day to cooking when you’re away camping on the coast, cooking with Aquna is a stress-free experience. So, now all you need is some inspiration. Restaurateur and chef Josh Niland has created this easy and delicious Whole Barbecue Aquna Murray Cod with Gremolata and Cabbage Salad recipe

What are Josh’s top tips for cooking with Aquna?

  1. If you’re grilling on the barbecue, don’t throw the Murray cod straight on the bars. Place a cake rack on the grill and then put the fish on top. By doing that, you’ll be able to simply take the fish on and off.
  2. While we all love cooking fillets of fish, cooking a whole fish on the bone allows you to access its beautiful natural gelatine. This gelatine carries the garnishes that you build around the flavours of the dish.
  3. Try cooking with the skin on. While skin might not be everybody’s favourite and it might be something that you naturally peel off, try to leave it on because so much of the Omega 3 and the good fats are just beneath the skin’s surface. Even leave the skin on when steaming or poaching and peel off before serving – not only is this a good reference point to know if the fish is done, but also gives Murray cod so much more flavour.
  4. It’s simple to grill a beautiful piece of Murray cod and pair it with a salad or a handful of chips, however it’s quite an extraordinary fish that can tolerate, carry and almost become better when built around robust flavours. I’ve always interpreted Aquna Murray Cod as either the best roast chicken you ever had or the best roast pork you ever had!

Think about what you would you serve with Sunday night roast chicken, and then apply the fish into that context. We’re talking beautiful rich gravy made from the bones, lovely peas and broad beans and asparagus that are all in season, and then into summertime, you could treat it like you would a roast porchetta and serve with stone fruits and cod-fat roast potatoes.

Sourced from Good Food: Chef Josh Niland’s top tips for cooking Murray cod on the barbecue

Watch Josh barbecue Aquna

Want to cook Aquna Murray Cod this holiday season?

Suppliers include:

Sydney Fish Markets, Pyrmont, NSW
Fish Shoppe, Collingwood, Victoria
Prosser’s Seafood, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne
Claringbolds Seafoods, Prahran Market, Melbourne
Prahran Seafoods, Prahran Market, Melbourne
Gem Pier Seafoods, South Melbourne Market, Melbourne 

Can’t get to these suppliers? Remember to ask your local fish monger for Aquna.

Want to cook Aquna Murray Cod at home?

Aquna is available in select Coles stores. Aquna is also in 150 Woolworths stores throughout NSW and Victoria. You’ll find Aquna in the take-home seafood section.

Want to cook Aquna Murray Cod at your restaurant?

Keen to know more about Aquna Murray Cod? Have a conversation with us about your wholesale supply.