At Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod, we apply science-based innovation and sustainable farming practices to food production. It helps us make a positive impact on people’s plates — and the planet!

Our goal is to be at the forefront of sustainable farming globally for the aquaculture industry.

Here are the areas where we’re continually improving:

Feeding our fish sustainably
We’re working towards improving the sustainability of our feeds by reducing marine products and assessing novel ingredients, all while optimising fish growth and health. Our ultimate goal is to grow fish using the least amount of feed to produce the max amount of protein. We don’t use antibiotics in our grow-out systems and no hormones are used at any stage during Murray cod production.

Managing our organic waste
There are a number of ways Aquna manages organic waste. Water usage and quality is monitored closely. Research and development of by-products is a priority that aligns with our whole-fish philosophy to minimise waste. We work with local companies to ensure no organic waste from our processing facility is sent to landfill. 

Efficient water usage
The way we have designed water infrastructure on our farms is one of our most celebrated sustainability achievements. We use water to fill our ponds and occasionally to top up or exchange freshwater to maintain a quality growing environment for our fish. Our farms are designed so we can reuse the nutrient-rich water from this exchange on crops and pastures.

Restocking programs
At Aquna, we borrow brood fish from the wild to breed fish for government restocking programs. Since commencement of this initiative, we have bred and released millions of fingerlings with zero impact on wild populations.


The Good Fish Guide, an app and website, is a sustainability initiative by the Australian Marine Conservation Society. The guide is an independent reference that lists species of Australian seafood and gives them a red, amber or green light, depending on sustainability. It helps chefs and consumers make informed decisions on the seafood they eat and serve.

 Farmed Murray cod is listed as green in the guide.



The Aquna team represents an almost even gender balance of talented men and women. While the agriculture industry is slowly embracing the participation of women in leadership and decision-making roles, Aquna is proactively recruiting women across the business with approximately 40% of our team being female.