At Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod, we produce the highest quality Murray cod, using industry-leading, sustainable practices. Our growers are renowned for driving the development of innovative techniques, which are grounded in our environmentally-friendly philosophy.

Our land-based production model uses the same irrigation water twice – once through our fish ponds, then for crop irrigation or pastures on farms. It has a low eco-footprint because it means we’re effectively ‘borrowing’ water, which is ultimately utilised for irrigation. As far as we’re aware, we are the only pond-based aquaculture business in the world using a 100 per cent water recycling business.

Our Murray cod is grown in open ponds, in their native water, as opposed to a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS). Our purpose-built cage systems allow us to grow tastier fish.

We are constantly reviewing our practices, including our feeding strategy. Our aim is to grow efficient fish, which use the least amount of protein to produce the most amount of protein, is a reality. Our feeding conversion ratio is close to 1:1, which is highly efficient.

Australia has earned a worldwide reputation as a supplier of safe, high-quality seafood, produced using environmentally-sustainable practices in wild-catch fishing and aquaculture.*