At Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod, we apply science-based innovation and sustainable farming practices to food production. It helps us make a positive impact on people’s plates — and the planet! 

Every year, we set tangible targets to reduce environmental impacts across our vertically-integrated business, we’re striving to be global leaders in sustainability for the aquaculture industry. Specifically, we’re focusing on:

water use | energy consumption | feed management | wild fish populations 

For the purposes of transparency, see below how Aquna is performing:

The sustainability performance of Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod


The Good Fish Guide, an app and website, is a sustainability initiative by the Australian Marine Conservation Society. The guide is an independent reference that lists species of Australian seafood and gives them a red, amber or green light, depending on sustainability. It helps chefs and consumers make informed decisions on the seafood they eat and serve.

 Farmed Murray cod is listed as green in the guide.


The Aquna team represents an almost even gender balance of talented men and women. While the agriculture industry is slowly embracing the participation of women in leadership and decision-making roles, Aquna is proactively recruiting women across the business. There is no gender gap at Aquna, which sets the foundation for an inclusive workplace.