An expression of luxury

Aquna Gold comes from the finest quality Murray cod grown to maturity on sustainable farms. Developing techniques to utilise Murray cod roe for caviar reflects Aquna’s whole-fish philosophy.

After carefully extracting the roe, it’s cured using Murray River Salt™, which turns them from opaque-white to a translucent champagne-coloured gold hue.

The sensory profile of Aquna Gold contributes to how you’ll experience the product through taste, smell and texture. This pure-tasting, lightly salted Murray cod caviar has a freshwater aroma and poppy texture.

Aquna Gold’s sensory profile plays beautifully against other foods. Spread or sprinkle the cod caviar on wafers with crème fraiche and chopped chives, potato rosti, blinis or a full-bodied dish. Use as a decadent breakfast garnish on boiled or scrambled eggs, textural addition, and flavour on oysters. Aquna Gold is also the perfect synergy with dishes featuring seafood, especially Aquna Murray Cod dishes.



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