> Heston Blumenthal develops Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod recipes

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Heston Blumenthal develops Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod recipes

Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod (Aquna) is excited to announce that Heston Blumenthal and the Fat Duck Group have developed a series of 10 Aquna recipes.

Considered one of the world’s finest chefs, Blumenthal, OBE, is the proprietor of several acclaimed restaurants and pubs in Great Britain, including The Fat Duck, which earned its first Michelin star in 1999.

Aquna’s Managing Director, Mathew Ryan is delighted to have Mr Blumenthal working with our team to create some incredible Murray cod recipes.

“Heston is an iconic and influential chef who is known for his scientific approach to cuisine. This “multi-sensory” approach really aligns with our brand ideals of innovation and inventiveness and I think people will be delighted with the outcome.”

“We’re releasing one recipe each month, beginning with Aquna Murray Cod with lemon butter and capers, Mat said.”

“This recipe is particularly unique as it utilises the belly fat from the Murray cod. We love this aspect from both a taste and waste reduction perspective, he concluded.”

According to Mr Blumenthal, the gelatinous nature of the Aquna Murray Cod, make it an incredibly versatile fish.

“Enlivening an Aquna Murray Cod fillet with a simple, sharp lemon-and-caper sauce brings out the best in the fish.”

“The clever extra dimension in this recipe, though, is using the fish’s own belly fat as part of that sauce to add greater depth to the flavours, Mr Blumenthal said.”