Why Aquna?

Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod produces premium, pond-grown Murray cod. Based in the Riverina, New South Wales, our business has a vertically-integrated approach for breeding, growing and supplying what is the world's best-tasting freshwater white-fleshed fish.

The best freshwater white-fleshed fish in the world


With a delicate flavour and firm texture, Aquna’s great-tasting cod is a coveted fine-dining fish.


Our innovative approach to production allows us to guarantee the size and quality of Aquna cod.


Our environmentally friendly land-based production model underpin Aquna's sustainable principles.


Meet Our Chef

Award-winning chef and restaurant owner, Luke Piccolo, shares our connection with the Riverina region, which is why we’re thrilled to have him on board as our ambassador. Working at top restaurants in Sydney, including acclaimed Pendolino at the Strand Arcade and Pilu at Freshwater, Luke is now the owner of Limone Dining – a fine-dining restaurant on the main street in Griffith, Australia. Learn why he put Aquna Murray cod on the menu.


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