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Winter warmer recipes featuring Aquna Murray Cod

June 20th, 2022 by

It’s winter here in Australia, and the weather has been mind-blowingly cold. You’re not imagining the crisp conditions. It’s been an unusually chilly start to the season, particularly for the south-east. So, what can we do when the temperature drops, and the days become shorter and darker? Keep cosy and enjoy wonderful winter warmer recipes featuring Aquna.

In this article, you’ll find five comfort recipes featuring Aquna that’ll lift your mood and motivation during the cooler winter months. Get started with a new recipe, packed with flavour and all the goodness of Aquna Murray Cod.

1. New Aquna recipe

Recipe: Crispy-skin Aquna with celery, pine nut and olive salsa

With a delicious combination of flavours, this new Aquna recipe is easy to cook for a healthy midweek meal. The sweet and savoury of cranberries and olives, together with the crunch of pine nuts, will give you something to look forward to after being rugged up in your winter woolies all day.


2. Aquna fish pie with beer-battered chips

Recipe: Aquna fish pie with beer-battered chips

Who doesn’t love a piping hot pie in winter? The humble meat pie has long been a tradition at winter sporting events, this upmarket version will warm you up on the inside and could turn out to be your go-to comfort food. For a homemade fish pie the family will devour, give this one a try.

3. Aquna Murray Cod doughnuts

Recipe: Aquna Murray Cod doughnuts

Whoa, these beauties are exactly what you need on a rainy winter’s day. Bite-size and crispy on the outside, Aquna Murray Cod doughnuts are the ultimate winter warmer for a snack, entree, or just because you want to eat something truly comforting and crunchy any time of day.

4. Pan-fried Aquna in rice flour

Recipe: Pan-fried Aquna in rice flour

Sometimes, you just want to enjoy the simple things in life. This recipe is all about Aquna. With just a dusting of rice flour, you’ll love the clean flavour of the fish and almost zero preparation time, for night’s when you want to head straight for your favuorite spot in front of the fireplace.

5. Whole-baked Aquna with butter sauce

Recipe: Whole-baked Aquna with butter sauce

Butter is pure comfort food, don’t you think? This recipe is the perfect winter entertainer. Your family and friends will love, love, love the texture, taste of the whole-fish experience. Plus, you’ll find it surprisingly easy to pull together for your next get-together during winter.

Want to cook Aquna Murray Cod at home?

In big news, Aquna is now available in select Coles stores. Aquna is also in 150 Woolworths stores throughout NSW and Victoria. 

You’ll find it in the take-home seafood section.

Want to sample Aquna Murray Cod at your restaurant?

Keen to know more about Aquna Murray Cod? Have a conversation with us about your wholesale supply.

Spice up your life: Season your Aquna for powerful health benefits

May 23rd, 2022 by

With winter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to spice up your life. Who wouldn’t love a little pick-me-up? Using spices in your cooking is a great way to add a taste-hit to your food while giving you a health boost.

There’s lots to love about Aquna Murray Cod’s clean, natural flavour. Still, why not get adventurous and season your fish for something different?

For centuries, spices have been used for both culinary and medicinal purposes. From anti-inflammatory properties to cognitive and mood boosters, spices are packed full of vitamins and minerals. The good news is, some of the best spices can be found at your local supermarket fresh or dried ready to make your Aquna meal even more memorable.

With around 40 spices (and herbs) available, we’ve narrowed down the list to four spices that we believe complement Aquna’s flavour and texture. We’ve Aquna recipes to spices in this article, along with two NEW ones to try!

1. Ginger: the zingy spice

Powerful health benefits: Ginger helps with an upset stomach. Studies have shown ginger is useful in treating nausea, including motion sickness and morning sickness. It has anti-inflammatory properties and high levels of antioxidants. Some research indicates it may have anticancer effects. 

Flavour: Ginger walks a fine line between savoury and sweet and is traditionally used in Asian recipes like noodle bowls or stir-fry. Keen to give it a go? Try this recipe: Baked Aquna parcels with ginger and soy sauce

2. Turmeric, the golden spice

Powerful health benefits: Turmeric has a growing reputation as a superfood. This golden spice gets lots of hype, for good reason.  It’s bursting with antioxidants, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. Research suggests turmeric may help prevent or slow down Alzheimer’s disease.

Flavour: Turmeric has a warm, earthy flavour (with a slightly bitter aftertaste) and has been used throughout history in Indian cooking. Keen to give it a go? Try this recipe: Curried Aquna with cauliflower

3. Garlic, the spicy spice

Powerful health benefits: Garlic is highly nutritious and is used to reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering levels of blood fats and cholesterol. Garlic is also used to fight colds, sinusitis and flu with its antibiotic and antiviral properties. You have to chop or crush the clove to get the benefits.

Flavour: Garlic is synonymous with cooking. You’ll be familiar with the strong-smelling bulb and a key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. Keen to give it a go? Try this recipe: Stir-fried rapini with Aquna and sesame

4. Chilli, the kicker spice

Powerful health benefits: Chillies are an excellent source of immune-boosting vitamin C. They’re also known for having metabolism-boosting qualities, helping to keep blood vessels healthy, and are high in fibre and minerals like potassium.

Flavour: There are more than 200 varieties, ranging in flavour from sweet to smokey. Chillies are notably used in Mexican, Indian and Thai cooking. Keen to give it a go? Try this recipe: Thai red Aquna curry

NEW Aqua recipes with spice!

RECIPE: Pan-fried Aquna with harissa, currants and honey


RECIPE: Spicy Aquna red curry


Want to cook Aquna Murray Cod at home?

Did you know Aquna Murray Cod is now in 150 Woolworths stores in NSW and Victoria You’ll find it in the take-home seafood section.

Want to sample Aquna Murray Cod at your restaurant?

Keen to know more about Aquna Murray Cod? Have a conversation with us about your wholesale supply.

Cooking a whole Aquna with Alessandro Pavoni (with recipe)

April 6th, 2022 by

Even fish lovers fear cooking with a whole fish. Many of us have lost the skill (and will) to break down and cook a whole fish. In the article, you’ll meet chef and restaurateur Alessandro Pavoni, who owns three Sydney eateries: Ormeggio at The Spit, Chiosco by Ormeggio, and a’Mare

Earlier this year, Alessandro cooked a whole Aquna Murray Cod recipe (see below) at a Sydney Seafood School masterclass. If you’re curious to know how and why to cook a whole fish, Alessandro shares his thoughts in this Q&A, along with the reasons he hand-picks Aquna.

Q1. What do you look for in the produce you serve at your restaurants?

A. Freshness and consistency are the main two factors. Sustainability is super important for seafood — and quality across all ingredients!

Q2. What qualities do you most value about Aquna Murray Cod?

A. Consistency , high quality, freshness — Aquna Murray cod really ticks all my boxes.

Q3. How would you describe the flavour of Aquna Murray Cod?

A. I love Aquna Murray Cod. It’s such a clean fish and never tastes muddy. I particularly love the texture.

Q4. Some people are fearful of cooking a whole fish. Explain why they should try cooking Salt-Crusted Aquna Murray Cod?

A. I believe cooking a whole fish — skin,bones and all — gives it such a better flavour. You retain better moisture. The delicate flesh of the fish is protected because it is cooked on the bone — it takes flavour too. Cooking in salt crust is the purest way of cooking. Inside the chamber, created by the salt, the heat creates steam with the moisture of the fish and infuses with the flavour of the salt. It’s protected from the high heat. You can infuse it with other flavours such as lemon or herbs. It’s delicate yet robust in flavour, and so rewarding when you cut it open.

RECIPE: Salt-crusted Aquna Murray Cod


Serves 4

  • 1.2 kg salt mix (half rock salt, half fine salt, pulse in blender until still coarse)
  • 6 x 55g eggs, separated for 180g of egg white (see notes)
  • 2 x 400g Aquna Murray Cod fillets, skin (scales on)
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 12 lemon leaves
Preserved lemon and macadamia dressing

80g macadamia nuts
1 whole preserved lemon
100ml extra virgin olive oil
Salt flakes and freshly ground white pepper, to taste

1. Toast the macadamia until golden in the oven, allow to cool, cut each one into 4 pieces.
2. Wash and clean the pulp off the preserved lemon skins and discard, cut the skins in 5mm cubes.
3. Mix lemon, macadamia and olive oil, season with salt and pepper.


1. Pre-heat over to 180°C
2. Make salt mix: whip 180g egg white until firm, add salt and combine.
3. Brush the flesh side of the cod fillets with oil and sandwich together, skin facing
4. Place half of the salt mix onto a papered baking tray. Lay the half the lemon leaves
onto the salt mix underneath the cod fillets, then cover with the remaining lemon
leaves and the rest of the salt mix.
5. Bake for 18 minutes.
6. Remove from oven and rest for 10 minutes.
7. Break away salt crust and remove skin and lemon leaves.
8. Plate fish with macadam dressing over the top.
9. Serve with green salad

Why buy a whole Aquna this Easter?

Here’s where you can buy fresh, whole Aquna Murray Cod in New South Wales and Victoria. Alessandro sourced Aquna for this whole-fish recipe from the Sydney Fish Markets.


Sustainable fish: here’s what Aquna’s working on in 2022

March 21st, 2022 by

Producing a sustainable fish product is not a set-and-forget situation. From the beginning, we’ve been working within our own business and throughout our supply chain to reduce our environmental impact. Each year, we raise the bar higher. We ask ourselves: “Where can we improve?” 

Sustainability has a number of different elements, of course. In this article, we’d love to share with you what we’ve been working on as we continue to up the ante in 2022, staying laser-focused on our vision to set the sustainability benchmark globally for the aquaculture industry.

Here are four new initiatives:

1. Feed production

According to Mat Ryan, managing director, Aquna, the team has been working on different diets that use vegetable proteins to completely substitute fishmeal to feed Aquna Murray Cod. 

In addition to this initiative, Mat says the team is also looking at using waste from other aquaculture businesses and land-based animal protein sources to find the most sustainable feed for our fish.

2. Energy reduction

True to one of our core values, Innovation, Mat says the team is in the process of finding a better way to aerate the ponds. Aeration of our water is our biggest power use. In a new trial, which is about to get started, the team is looking at reducing the amount of energy required to perform aeration while maintaining a happy and healthy environment for our fish.

3. Plastic waste recycling

Aquna has recently welcomed a new plastic crushing press on-site in Griffith. Installation of the plastic crushing press means all of our plastic waste can be compressed and sent on to recyclers for reuse. Compacting the waste also cuts down on transport required to action this.

4. Recyclable boxes

In another new trial, we’re testing recyclable boxes to transport our fish from farm to market. When we reach a conclusion on which recyclable box works best for us, we’ll communicate in more detail with you.

Want to know where to buy Aquna Murray Cod?

There are a number of ways you can buy Aquna Murray Cod. 

What does Aquna Murray Cod actually taste like?

February 21st, 2022 by

What does Aquna Murray Cod actually taste like? 

It’s a question the Aquna team gets asked by chefs and grocery consumers, who are keen to learn more about our product’s flavour profile, when compared with other white-fleshed fish on the market. 

If a flavor profile is the combination of flavours experienced when a food item is tasted, how would Aquna be best described? That’s what we’re going to unpack for you in this month’s article.

Nope, there’s no muddy flavour

There are still some people who associate Murray cod with a muddy flavour. In fact, it’s usually the one thing wild-caught Murray cod, and other freshwater fish, have been criticised for historically. 

In a previous article, The Remaking of Australia’s Most Iconic Freshwater Fish, we explained how our farmed-produced Aquna has been created without the muddy flavour — and the stigma is subsiding.

What chefs are saying about Aquna’s flavour

As more chefs learn about the flavour profile of Aquna Murray Cod and choose to use our premium fish on their menus in restaurants in Australia and the USA, what is it about the taste of our product that they love?

Here’s how four well-known chefs sum up how Aquna tastes:

  • Christian Abbott from the Australian Venue Co. (Melbourne branch) describes Aquna as: “Buttery, velvety, clean, with a meaty texture.” According to Christian, Aquna Murray Cod delivers versatility, consistency, and sustainability like no other native fish. 
  • Brendan Katitch from NOMAD in Flinders Lane says: “The magic of Aquna Murray Cod lies in the contrast of flavours and textures, the sweet, delicate, earthiness of the flaky flesh against the crispy fattiness of the (flame licked) skin.”
  • Jason Staudt (pictured) from Stokehouse in St Kilda told us in a recent Q&A that Aquna’s “clean flavour and firm flesh” appeal to him. Together with the product’s great versatility – from cooking over wood, to poaching, to steaming – which bring out different, natural flavours. 
  • Jeremy Arrascaeta from Angler at Stirling in South Australia describes Aquna succinctly: “Sweet, delicate, firm, versatile, easy to cook and approachable.”

Have you tried Aquna Murray Cod? How would you describe its flavour?

Want to learn to cook with Aquna Murray Cod?

If you’re new to Aquna Murray Cod and would like to know how to cook it, there’s a comprehensive guide on our website, which includes interactive cuts chart and cooking technique instructions

Excitingly, you can learn how to cook with Aquna Murray Cod from chef and restaurateur, Alessandro Pavoni, at an in-person masterclass at the Sydney Seafood School on Saturday, 26 February 2022. BOOK NOW.

Mark Australia Day with this new Aquna Murray Cod recipe

January 25th, 2022 by

On Australia Day, we observe all the things we love about Australia, including the acknowledgement of our people and history that dates back more than 65,000 years — our Indigenous, British and multicultural history.

Given 26 January is a public holiday in Australia, it’s often a chance to get-together with friends and family for one last hurrah before the rigors of the school and work year really kicks in.

We typically mark the day with outdoor concerts, barbecues, sports competitions, festivals and fireworks — and food! So, what are some of the iconic sweet and savoury fare we tend to reach for on Australia Day?

Iconic Australia Day fare

  • Meat pie. With a chunky filling of meat topped with pastry, they’re a staple at sporting events and parties and are known for burning many a tongue. Though, we continue to devour them in high quantities!
  • Sausage sandwich. The humble sausage sanga is a long-time barbecue staple. Complete with some fried onions and a squirt of tomato sauce, the simple snag is always a winner.
  • Lamb. Since 2005, a certain annual advertising campaign has been encouraging us to throw some lamb on the barbecue on Australia Day.
  • Lamington. The square-shaped sponge cake coated in chocolate icing and desiccated coconut, invented more than a century ago and named after Queensland’s governor at the time, Lord Lamington.

Ready to try something different this Australia Day?

The thing is, there’s nothing more Australian than Murray Cod. Did you know, that like the kangaroo and koala, the Murray cod (Maccullochella peelii peelii) is an iconic native species?

The Murray cod is an ancient species dating back approximately 20 million years to the Miocene age. According to aboriginal mythology, a large Murray cod was responsible for creating the Murray-Darling river system.

Murray cod is endemic to the Murray-Darling river system and was an important and nutritious food source for indigenous Australians as far back as 40,000 years ago — and remains culturally important to this day.

Start a new tradition this Australia Day

If you’re keen to start a new food tradition this year, why not give this Crispy-skin Aquna with asparagus and green bean salad recipe a try?



Buy Aquna Murray Cod are your nearest seafood outlet or select Woolworths store.

Gone fishin’ for Aquna Murray Cod

December 22nd, 2021 by

In a new partnership between Aquna and Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA), recreational anglers will be able to fish for Aquna Murray Cod at Happy Valley Reservoir Reserve in Adelaide’s south.

More than 1000 catch-ready Aquna Murray Cod, ranging from 1.5 – 4 kilograms, have been released into the Happy Valley waterway, with the site opening for public access for the first time in more than a century.

Previously, Aquna has been working with PIRSA on restocking fingerlings rather than supplying the larger fish for recreational catch-and-release. This way, the fish have a higher survival rate and are ready to breed.

Ian Charles, Group Manager Hatcheries and Business Development, Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod: Aquna is proud to supply these fish and support work to improve stocks of this threatened species.”

South Australia’s Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs said Happy Valley will quickly become a popular spot for locals and visitors to reel in Murray cod this summer: “Murray cod are prized among recreational fishers and catching one can be a challenging and exhilarating experience…”

Watch now


Want to try a new Aquna recipe?

CLICK HERE: Steamed Aquna parcels with ginger and soy sauce.


We’ve just launched a new How to Cook section on the Aquna website, where you can learn about the different cuts and cooking techniques to perfect your Aquna Murray Cook experience.


Q&A with Jason Staudt, Stokehouse

November 18th, 2021 by

This month, you’ll meet Jason Staudt, executive chef at Stokehouse in St Kilda Beach in Melbourne, Victoria.

In the following Q&A interview, you’ll learn more about what drives Jason, who’s understated cooking style has won him wide acclaim and an interest in sustainable seafood lead him to Aquna Murray Cod.

Photo credit: Peter Dillon

Q1. You have been described as having a passion for seafood and sustainability. Tell us more about why this is important to you.

A. Recently, we were just approved for the first 5 Star Green Star hospitality business in the Southern Hemisphere, which for me is MASSIVE! When I was approached for the job at Stokehouse, this was one of the main reasons I accepted it. Even though we hadn’t had the final approval yet, I knew it’s what I wanted to be a part of. 

Sustainability has always been a major factor in what I do as a human and a chef.  From banning cling film at all the venues, using e-water to clean and generally living in a green way, it’s super important. 

My passion for seafood stemmed from a stint on a yacht in Alaska as a private chef. Catching wild salmon, Dungeness crab, huge halibuts, and everything in between, utilising those precious ingredients with no waste — something sparked. I then moved to Australia in 2012 and was taken even further down a seafood passion. Australian seafood is very special, and some of the best in the world. 

Q2. What do you look for in the produce you serve at Stokehouse? 

  1. Flavour
  2. Effort in growing and delivering the produce at its prime.
  3. Consistency. We are a big business. Consistency is key.  
  4. Sustainability.

Q4. What qualities do you most value in Aquna Murray Cod? 

A. Consistency, quality, shelf life and the core values of the Aquna business around sustainability.

Q5. How would you describe the flavour of Aquna Murray Cod? 

A. What gets me going is the clean flavour. I think there’s a stigma around Murray cod in Australia of being muddy. Aquna is breaking that. It is very clean with a firm flesh. Great versatility – from cooking over wood, to poaching, to steaming. All mediums bring out a different natural flavour.

Q6.  Tell us about your favourite Aquna Murray Cod recipe.

A. Waste is a failure of creativity. Personally, at Stokehouse, we did a steamed Aquna Murray Cod with the loins, served with a mussel escabeche, cod fat and lovage dressing. The bellies were cured, then hot smoked and served on crumpets with our seafood platter. The heads were poached, and picked – then seasoned, pressed and crumbed, and turned into our Aquna Murray Cod head croquettes served in pontoon, which is a staple on our menu.  I guess that’s more than one recipe – but utilising the whole fish is the best recipe.

Want to cook Aquna Murray Cod at home?

We’ve just launched a new How to Cook section on the Aquna website, where you can learn about the different cuts and cooking techniques to perfect your Aquna Murray Cook experience.


Reopening Aquna Murray Cod recipes

October 12th, 2021 by

As vaccination rates continue to climb across Australia and there’s now a focus on reopening roadmaps, more of us are looking forward to connecting with family and friends over a good meal and a few celebratory drinks. For restaurateurs, it’s the perfect time to introduce new and interesting recipes and ingredients on the menu. Lockdown has reminded us all to appreciate simple food experiences like never before.

With a succulent and clean flavour, Aquna Murray Cod’s versatility makes it the go-to white-fleshed fish if you’re entertaining at home and the star attraction at any venue. In this article, we’ve collated some of our favourite Aquna Murray Cod recipes to get you thinking about how you can feature this sustainably-grown product in a variety of ways. Ready to get a taste of Australia’s largest freshwater fish — an icon of the Murray-Darling Basin.

1. NEW: ‘Classic’ fish and chips

Aquna fish and chips

RECIPE: Classic Aquna Murray Cod fish and chips

2. Whole-baked Aquna Murray Cod with butter sauce

Whole-baked Aquna Murry Cod

RECIPE: Whole-baked Aquna Murray Cod with butter sauce

3. Crispy-skin Aquna Murray Cod with snake bean salad

Crispy Aquna Murray Cod

RECIPE: Crispy-skin Aquna Murray Cod with snake bean salad

Want to cook Aquna Murray Cod at home?

This month, Aquna Murray Cod launched into 150 Woolworths stores in Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas, and in regional New South Wales. You’ll find it in the take-home seafood section.

Want to sample Aquna Murray Cod at your restaurant?

Keen to know more about Aquna Murray Cod? Have a conversation with us about your wholesale supply.

New Charcoal Fish hooked on Aquna Murray Cod

September 17th, 2021 by

Aquna Murray Cod is known and loved for the way it tastes. That’s one of the reasons Australian chef and restaurateur, Josh Niland and his business partner and wife, Julie, have chosen to feature Aquna on the menu of their newest eatery, Charcoal Fish, which opened in Sydney this week.

With Josh credited for rewriting the rulebook on fish cookery, it’s not surprising the launch of Charcoal Fish — described as the charcoal-seafood equivalent of the suburban cooked-chook shop — attracted a huge response from the Niland faithful, who love his food and philosophy.

This begs the question: why did Josh choose Aquna Murray Cod?

“Beautiful clean, sweet flavour”

Describing Aquna Murray Cod as having a “beautiful clean, sweet flavour”, Josh noted in a recent delicious. article that it doesn’t have the muddy flavour some people associate with the species of the past. Instead, the clean-tasting flavour is exactly what Josh was looking for in his hero fish product.

Best of all, it remains both juicy in the flesh and crisp on the skin — and will stay that way during the journey from the shop to a customer’s home. In reading through many of the comments on Charcoal Fish’s growing Instagram, has already hooked the early adopters of the venue.

In line with strong sustainability focus

Known for pushing the fin-to-scale movement globally, Aquna Murray Cod stacks up from a sustainability point of view. While around eight per cent of the fish is gill and gall bladder — and not suited for eating — every other part of the fish will be used. That’s an incredible 92 percent!

The author of the Whole Fish Cookbook is impressed by the way our fish is reared and the low amounts of feed required. Our sustainably ethos is something we take seriously at Aquna, and we’re pleased Josh and his team can further shine the light on the brand’s environmental credentials.

Want to cook Aquna Murray Cod at home?

This month, Aquna Murray Cod launched into 150 Woolworths stores in Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas, and in regional New South Wales. You’ll find it in the take-home seafood section. If you haven’t cooked Aquna Murray Cod before, check out these delicious recipes!