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Reopening Aquna Murray Cod recipes

October 12th, 2021 by

As vaccination rates continue to climb across Australia and there’s now a focus on reopening road maps, more of us are looking forward to connecting with family and friends over a good meal and a few celebratory drinks. For restaurateurs, it’s the perfect time to introduce new and interesting recipes and ingredients on the menu. Lockdown has reminded us all to appreciate simple food experiences like never before.

With a succulent and clean flavour, Aquna Murray Cod’s versatility makes it the go-to white-fleshed fish if you’re entertaining at home and the star attraction at any venue. In this article, we’ve collated some of our favourite Aquna Murray Cod recipes to get you thinking about how you can feature this sustainably-grown product in a variety of ways. Ready to get a taste of Australia’s largest freshwater fish — an icon of the Murray-Darling Basin?

1. Classic fish and chips

RECIPE: Classic Aquna Murray Cod fish and chips

2. Whole-baked Aquna Murray Cod with butter sauce

RECIPE: Whole-baked Aquna Murray Cod with butter sauce

3. Crispy-skin Aquna Murray Cod with snake bean salad

RECIPE: Crispy-skin Aquna Murray Cod with snake bean salad

Want to cook Aquna Murray Cod at home?

Aquna Murray Cod is now in 150 Woolworths stores in Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas, and in regional New South Wales. You’ll find it in the take-home seafood section.

Want to sample Aquna Murray Cod at your restaurant?

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