Cuts of Murray cod

There are a number of different cuts of Aquna Murray Cod — each with its own flavour, texture, cooking method and recipe application. Here’s your guide to understanding the different cuts of Aquna Murray Cod.

Aquna Loin

Loin Fillet

The loin fillet is the thickest part of the fish, typically 2-3 centimeters thick. This cut is characterised by its big flakes, delicate flavour, and meaty flesh. Perfect baked, pan-fried, steamed, and barbecued.

Aquna Tail Fillet

Tail fillet

The tail fillet is the thinnest part of the fish. Quick to cook, this cut is characterised by its moist texture and creamy flavour. Great for kids, the tail fillet is perfect pan-fried, barbecued and grilled. 

Aquna Barbecue

Barbecue fillet

The barbecue fillet is ideal for marinating. Also quick to cook, this cut of fish is characterised by its moist texture and creamy flavour, along with higher levels of omega-3 and omega-6. Perfect pan-fried, barbecued and grilled.

Aquna Wing

The wing

Great marinated, the wing is characterised by its succulent texture. This cut of fish can be used as an alternative to the chicken wing for an easy finger food. Perfect deep-fried and deliciously moreish. It contains bones.

Aquna Head


The fish head (and frame) can be intimidating for some and considered a delicacy by others. This cut of fish is characterised by its depth of flavour and surprising amount of meat. Perfect grilled, boiled and steamed.

Aquna Tail


Leaving nothing to waste, the fish tail is typically used to make stock but can also be eaten on its own. For large fish like Murray cod, the tail can be boiled to draw out meat and juices to complete the whole fish experience.